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Excursion on "Fujigoko" area and a BBQ party on November 11

We will go on an excursion around "Fujigoko" area on Wednesday, November 11. In the evening, we will hold a barbecue party.

The "Fujigoko" (Fuji Five Lakes) area is located at the foot of Mount Fuji at an altitude of roughly 1000 meters above sea level. The five lakes were formed a long time ago by lava flows, which dammed up rivers flowing through the area. Around the lakes, there is a big forest called "Jyukai" (Sea of Trees), and caves called "Fuuketu" (Cave of Wind) and "Hyouketsu" (Cave of Ice).

The area is one of the best places to view Mount Fuji from a close distance and a convenient base for climbing the mountain. Hiking, camping and fishing are among the popular outdoor activities to be enjoyed in the area. 

The principal city in the area is Fuji-Yoshida in which the school is held. "Kawaguchiko" (Lake Kawaguchi), the most easily accessible of the five lakes, is located just next to Fuji-Yoshida.

We will go around in the area by a bus, visit a cave and a vista point of Mount Fuji, and we also make a short trip on Lake Kawaguchi by a ship.

It will be very cold in November this area, the warm and wind resistant clothes are absolutely necessary.

Fuji-Calm(9:00) ---(bus)--->
Fuuketu (Cave of Wind) ---(bus)--->
Saiko Park of Wild Birds(Lunch)---(bus&walk)--->
Kohyohdai(Autumn Leaves Terrace: Vista Point) ---(bus)--->
Kawaguchiko Harbor ---(ship trip)--->
Kawaguchiko Harbor ---(bus)-->
Kouyou Matsuri (Autumn Leaves Festival) ---(bus)-->
(if we still have time)(ropeway)--->KachiKachiYama Terrace ---(bus)--->
Fuji-Calm(applox. 17:00)

Please get a lunch box at Fuji-Calm before you get in the bus.

It will be very cold, warm and wind resistant clothes are absolutely necessary.