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[For Students]

From Narita International Airport to Tsukuba Center

"Airport Liner - NATT'S" to Tsukuba Center bus terminal which locates central area of the Tsukuba city. Tickets from Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center bus terminal are available at the Keisei Bus ticket counter located in the arrival lobby. The fare is 2,540 yen. It will take approximately 100 minutes depending on the traffic condition. The bus stop at the Narita Airport is located right outside of the Airport Terminal. The bus is bound for "Tsuchiura Station" . You can find a time table for the NATT'S here.

More information to Tsukuba Center

How to reach Daiwa Roynet Hotel at Tsukuba

From your hotel nearby the Tsukuba Center to KEK

Two chartered buses will take you from your hotel to KEK with no charge.

From KEK to the FAPPS09 venue

Two chartered buses will take you from KEK to the FAPPS09 venue with no charge.

From the FAPPS09 venue to Narita city

Two chartered buses will take you from the FAPPS09 venue to the hotel in Narita city with no charge.

From your hotel in Narita city to the Narita Airport

You can use hotel’s shuttle buses to go to the Narita Airport from your hotel with no charge.

[For Lecturers]

1.From Narita Ariport to JR Tokyo/JR Shinjuk
Narita Express Line operated by JR-east is the most convenient to go to down town Tokyo. The time table can be found in this page. About one train a hour is available.

2.Direct train From JR Tokyo-Station to Fuji-Yoshida
Easiest way to go to Fuji-Yoshida is to use the direct train from JR Tokyo-station to Fuji-Yoshida station. Unfortunately it is operating only two trains a day.

Week day Sunday/Saturday
Tokyo 18:07 (Platform 2) 18:09 (Platform 1)
Fyji-Yoshida 20:59 21:04
Tokyo 19:10 (Platform 2) 19:12 (Platform 1)
Fyji-Yoshida 21:50 21:59

3.From JR Shinjuku to JR Otuki
From Shinjuku to Fuji-Yoshida, you have to chenge a train at Otuki. Narita express is arrived at a platform 5 or 6 in Shinjuku station. Please take “Kaiji” or “Azusa” from platform 9 or 10. The time table can be found in this page.

4.From Otsuki to Fuji-Yoshida
Please change a train from JR chuo line to Fujikyu line at Otuki. Fujikyu line is a local line between Otsuki and Kawaguchi-ko.

5.From Fuji-Yoshida Station
A shuttle bus to Fuji-Calm is available. Please call Fuji-Calm (0555-22-5156) from a public telephone at Fuji-Yoshida station. A bus from Fuji-calm may pick you up at the station. Taxi is also available. Please show a this card. (Fee is around 1500Yen.)

[For those who are at KEK]

1.From KEK to Shinjyuku See here

2.From Shinjuku to Fujiyoshida See 3 to 5 above.

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