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2nd France Asia Particle Physics School - FAPPS09
5 - 18 November 2009

1. Introduction

In 2009, a new era of particle physics will start with the launching of LHC. This two-week pre-doctoral school aims at providing future PhD students and young physicists with theoretical and practical tools necessary to address the challenges of this experimental field in the next decade. This school, mainly oriented to Asian and French students, will allow building fruitful relationships, crucial to the future of particle physics.

2. Venue

The FAPPS09 will take place in Fuji calm in Fujiyoshida city which locates 15 km north-northeast of Mt. Fuji. You can find it in this map.

Fuji calm
Shinnya 1400, Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture. JAPAN
Tel: 0555-22-5156, Fax: 0555-23-7988

3. Program

The program of the FAPPS09 foresees:
" The students will arrive at central area of Tsukuba city and stay in a hotel nearby the bus
terminal on November 4.
- Two chartered buses will take the students from the hotel to KEK in the morning on November 5. The students will visit the KEK facilities: the B-factory, the Advanced Test Facility for the ILC, and the Photon Factory. The students leave KEK for the FAPPS09 venue early afternoon.

- A series of lectures begins from November 6 and continues till 17.

- November 11 will be reserved for an excursion.

- The afternoon of the last day, November 17, is allocated for students’ presentations.

- The students leave the FAPPS09 venue in the morning on November 18 for Narita city, where
they stay that night.

- The students will leave the Narita Airport for their home countries on November 19.

The time table of the FAPPS09 draft program is shown here.


4. Application

About 50 students will participate in the FAPPS09 from mainly Asian countries, France, and Pacific-rim countries. The eligible students are the master-course or doctor-course students, while a wider range of of candidates could also be considered. Those who are interested in the school are asked to submit and application form to the FAPPS09 organizers (fapps09@kek.jp). The organizers also need a recommendation letter from his/her supervisor for each of the applicant, which is to be directly sent to the organizers (fapps09@kek.jp). You can find the application form here.

The deadline of the submission of the application is extended to August 19, 2009.

The successful applicants will be known by the end of August, 2009.

5. Accommodations

Twin rooms are reserved for students in Tsukuba city on November 4, and Narita city on November 18, as well as in the FAPPS09 venue. Each of the Twin room will be shared by two students. The accommodation fee will be supported by the organizers. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at the FAPPS09 venue will be also supported.

6. Travel and Transport

From Narita International Airport to Tsukuba Center
"Airport Liner - NATT'S" to Tsukuba Center bus terminal which locates central area of the Tsukuba city. Tickets from Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center bus terminal are available at the Keisei Bus ticket counter located in the arrival lobby. The fare is 2,540 yen. It will take approximately 100 minutes depending on the traffic condition. The bus stop at the Narita Airport is located right outside of the Airport Terminal. The bus is bound for "Tsuchiura Station" .
You can find a time table for the NATT'S here.

From your hotel nearby the Tsukuba Center to KEK
Two chartered buses will take you from your hotel to KEK with no charge.

From KEK to the FAPPS09 venue
Two chartered buses will take you from KEK to the FAPPS09 venue with no charge.

From the FAPPS09 venue to Narita city
Two chartered buses will take you from the FAPPS09 venue to the hotel in Narita city with no charge.

From your hotel in Narita city to the Narita Airport
You can use hotel’s shuttle buses to go to the Narita Airport from your hotel with no charge.

7. Webpage

The most up-to-date information about the FAPPS09 can be found on the web-page at http://fapps09.kek.jp . Please check the page from time to time for updated information.

8. Contact us

The FAPPS09 organizers can be contacted at

E-mail: fapps09@kek.jp