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The program of the FAPPS09 foresees:

- The students will arrive at central area of Tsukuba city and stay in a hotel nearby the bus terminal on November 4.

- Two chartered buses will take the students from the hotel to KEK in the morning on November 5. The students will visit the KEK facilities: the B-factory, the Advanced Test Facility for the ILC, and the Photon Factory. The students leave KEK for the FAPPS09 venue early afternoon.

- A series of lectures begins from November 6 and continues till 17.

- November 11 will be reserved for an excursion.

- The afternoon of the last day, November 17, is allocated for students’ presentations.

- The students leave the FAPPS09 venue in the morning on November 18 for Narita city, where
they stay that night.

- The students will leave the Narita Airport for their home countries on November 19.

The time table of the FAPPS09 draft program is shown here. (excel,indico)

Papers for "Student Presentations at FAPPS09"